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Elementary (1st-5th) Event: Pool Party

By Bernardo Vargas in Emmaus Elementary Group (1-5th graders) 5 months ago | 1227 views
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Emmaus welcomes all Elementary students (1st-5th grade) for a summer pool party.


We will be meeting at the Santa Fe Swimming Club. We will meet at the pool and have dinner will be potluck style. Below are some roles to help contribute! 

Please bring towels, swim vests (if needed), goggles, sunscreen, and a change of clothes (if preferred).

We hope to see you there!

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Discussion about this event

Bekah Pettijohn on 05/18/2018

We will be out of town!

Karla long on 05/18/2018

We will bring chicken nuggets!

Bernardo Vargas on 05/21/2018

Hey guys! Unfortunately, Tara had some issues with her pool so we will switch the event to the Santa Fe Swimming Club. I have updated the details above. See you guys there!

Amanda McBride on 05/21/2018

We are also out of town

Lexy Cavazos on 05/21/2018

Sad I’m working that evening! 😞

Sarah Dewbre on 05/23/2018

Does the pool still close at 7:00??

Suzzette James on 05/23/2018

No, it is open until 9:00pm Friday.

Sarah Dewbre on 05/23/2018


Suzzette James on 05/23/2018

Ok, the Pool does close st 7pm Friday; June 1st starts 8/9pm. So an option is to finish swimming at 7pm and eat at our house, or finish everything by 7pm.

Sarah Dewbre on 05/23/2018

Could we bump it up to 5:00-7:00???

Sarah Dewbre on 05/23/2018

Not sure if that would be to early for everyone?

Bernardo Vargas on 05/24/2018

We can do five o’clock. 

Bernardo Vargas on 05/24/2018

Hey guys, I spoke with all the moms, and the kiddos can make it at 5’oclock so we will change the time from 5-7pm.

Alexa Alley on 05/25/2018

I won’t be able to make II at that time, hopefully the next event! Have fun!

Liddy Vargas on 05/25/2018

We will have mini water bottles, fruit salad, and ice cream bars as well 👍

May 25
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
4134 Santa Fe St
Corpus Christi Texas 78411
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8 people
are coming
Liddy Vargas (1)

Suzzette James (4)

Karla long (2)

Bringing: 1 Main
Bernardo Vargas (1)

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