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Labor Day: Harvey Relief

Thank you Emmaus Church for your desire to serve today! Here are three opportunities available for today that I have heard of. 

Since there are three, I am going to write the info for each and if you are able to help with any, please select one of the need roles below so that I know who to contact to coordinate.

  1. Lisa Pham
    Address: 917 Gagon St. Rockport, TX 78382
    Time: 1-5PM today
    Situation: This is a contact of Kaileigh Rector, Lisa’s parents home was affected and below are some needs that she let us know about.
    Needs include:

    - Fence is down, repair is not an immediate need but will eventually be needed
    - Taking pictures of their items for insurance purposes
    - Disposing of the items
    - Bagging leaves
  2. Alicia Russell
    Address: 1121 Orion Dr. Portland, TX. 78374
    Time: anytime today
    Situation: Her power is still out, there is a tree from her neighbors that fell in her backyard. Her neighbor’s house is for sale, so she hasn’t been able to talk to them about removing the tree, but the parts that are in her backyard she would like to be removed so that the electricians can get to it. She leaves out of town tomorrow morning and is concerned that nothing is going to get done while she is gone, so removing this tree would be helpful.
    Needs include:
    - Chopping and removing a tree in the backyard that is blocking a power box.
  3. Judy Wright
    601 S Alister St. Port Aransas, TX 78373
    Time: 1-5PM – today
    Situation: This is a contact of Lorena Ritcher, they are currently hosting them at their home and they are the owners of Winton’s Island Candy Shop. Needs are below.
    Needs include:
    - Putting items in boxes
    - Needs boxes
    - Dusting antiques and boxing

As these roles are being filled, I will contact you personally to coordinate further, so please comment your phone number below.

Please let me know if you have any questions (361-944-6931). If all of the slots are taken, please contact me so that I can help direct you to a place that needs the most help.

Thank you! 

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Alicia Russell Helper 09/04/2017 Amber Buckelew
Alicia Russell Helper 09/04/2017 Amber Buckelew
Alicia Russell Helper 09/04/2017 Amber Buckelew
Alicia Russell Helper 09/04/2017 Amber Buckelew
Judy Helper 09/04/2017 Amanda McBride
Judy Helper 09/04/2017 Amanda McBride
Judy Helper 09/04/2017 Available
Judy Helper 09/04/2017 Available
Lisa Pham Helper 09/04/2017 Kristen Burkholder
Lisa Pham Helper 09/04/2017 Danielle Pester
Lisa Pham Helper 09/04/2017 Available

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Gracie Castaneda

I am having car trouble and have to get ready for the first day of school tomorrow otherwise I’d go! However, I do have a 4-5 sturdy boxes and giant bags if anyone would like to stop by my house! (361) 446- 1912

Kristen Burkholder

Gracie, I will come get the boxes from you!

Kristine Endsley

Wish I could go today but I’m working most of the day. Gracie!!!! Hope your car doesn’t turn into the car probs I had!!! 🙈🙈

Amanda McBride

Pat and I with our kids can help today

Amber Buckelew

The girls, Eddie and I will get that tree dealt with. I just woke up, so we need to drop Evan off with my mom, then we’ll head out.

Liddy Vargas

Thank you all for helping out today!

In addition to the list above, Haley Mcphail’s coworker is in need of 1-2 generators to help power her AC and refrigerator, since she has 3 young boys and won’t have power for another estimated 6 weeks. Please contact Haley personally at 210-461-6510 to coordinate with her as she plans on taking her dinner tonight and tomorrow.

Kristine Endsley

Don’t forget bug spray y’all. Especially those of you with kids! The mosquitoes are insane!

Kaileigh Rector

Shout out to Kristen and Danielle for being an awesome help at the Pham house!!

Amber Buckelew

UPDATE— Y’all, we had an excellent time helping Alicia with her tree clean up.   Eddie, Ashlynn, Bailey and I went to help and were joined by a friend of Alicia’s daughter named Rocky.   We were able to clear a full path for her power to be restored.

Lynae Canales

I have a bunch of boxes if they’re still needed

Danielle Pester

Lisa Pham mentioned yesterday that her parents are having a hard time finding available accommodations. They have a place to stay until Wednesday but will need somewhere to stay for a week starting Wednesday night. Does anyone have a garage apartment or know of anyone who might have something similar where they could stay for one week while they work with their insurance adjuster? They said hotels are booked and they are having to look at staying as far away as kingsville.

Kristine Endsley

Hey Danielle. The other Harvey post from Joel had people mention they’d be able to host. Maybe one of those homes/rooms are still available?

Bekah Pettijohn

Danielle! I found a guest house for them if they still need a place ❤

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