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Young Adults: Fall 2018 Events

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Emmaus College & Young Adults,

Bernardo and I have thought through our Fall 2018 event schedule and we wanted to share that with you all so that calendars can be marked and to help y’all plan ahead!

These events listed below will have a separate post for the individual event with more details, so please be on the lookout for those posts.

Also, just as a reminder, these events go through a rotation of our three identities as a church: family, discipleship, and mission. These events are meant to serve as an opportunity for young adults to learn apart from House Church, where we believe is the primary environment for inter-generational relationships, fellowship, and discipleship.

However, these events are purposely created for an environment where young adults can unite as a group and where they are welcomed to invite their friends that they are reaching out to.


- Saturday, September 15: Que Bueno Taco Fest 2018 @ Downtown

- Friday, October 5: Bible Project Video & Discussion (6-8:30PM) @ The Vargas’

- Saturday, November 17: Friendsgiving Dinner (6-9PM) @ TBA (with CCCF Young Adults)

- Saturday, December (TBA: 1, 8, or 15th) : (Coordinating with CCCF Young Adults)

These dates might be subject to change, but we will definitely announce any changes to the individual posts and on this post. I hope this is helpful, and we look forward to another great semester! Please let either Bernardo or myself know if you have any questions! Thank you.

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Bernardo Vargas

Hey guys, we made a change to the first event. The Que Bueno Taco Fest next Saturday sounds like it will be pretty fun. It includes Tropicoso Stage, Chihuahua Beauty Contest, Taco Song, Taco Poetry Slam, & Taco Art Competitions, and
La Tienda Mercado. Hope you guys can make it!

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